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My name is Charlie Womersley and welcome to Charlie The Wine, a homage to the subject I know most about... wine!

For the people that don’t know me I have been in and around the wine business all my working life and now with the help of my business partners, I would like to share my wine experiences, views and stories with you.

The Charlie the Wine Blog will introduce you to some of the finest wines I have had the pleasure of savouring over the years, from all over the world. And to indulge you further, you will be able to order a range of these great wines directly from our online store, delivered to you, at exclusive discounts.

Charlie the Wine will be more than just a wine club; it will also be a place to network and meet like minded, fun loving people at a series of wine centric social, business, cultural and sporting events.

It’s all going to be jolly good fun so we would like to invite you to become one of our Founder Members.

As a Founder Member you will receive exclusive discounts up to 10% off on our recommended wines, champagnes, spirits, beers, gifts and accessories and priority invitations to our launch and scheduled events.

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So, I hope you will come on board, particularly my friends and colleagues I’ve had the pleasure and company of over the years.

Yours forever thirsty

Charlie Womersley